A Row Of Ducks

Thinking about listing your property? You would be well advised to take the time necessary to plan – a lot of vendors believe it is simply a matter of sticking a sale sign in the front lawn.  It isn’t.  Sure, you could do that and it could sell but with a bit of planning, you could get a much better price and a quicker sale.  Simple really.

You are going to launch a product.  Yep, that’s right.  Your property is a product so before it hits the market you need to ensure the product is ready to be purchased. It is no different from Apple launching its latest iPhone really – there are many phones out there so what makes this one stand out? What is the appeal?

First things first.  Get cracking on the decluttering and the cleaning.  Buyers can smell a clean house.  If you are too busy to do this yourself, hire the professionals.  You are obviously selling because you want to move so start packing those items that aren’t needed to show your house off.

It is always preferable to sell a vacant property so if you have tenants, it would be best to give notice prior to putting your property on the market.  Your real estate agent will appreciate it.

Find a great agent.  It isn’t hard.  Get a few different agents around to sell themselves.  Listen to your gut.  You will find your click with the right one.

Request a consultation with Stage Me for your free quote.  We stage vacant properties but we also provide styling advice and can rent out bits and bobs we think would help with the presentation.

If you do require staging, giving us as much advance notice as possible ensures we can put a hold on the furniture that would suit your property best.

Now you can relax knowing that all of your ducks are in a row.  🙂