Why you should stage your vacant property

Achieving a higher sale price on your home

Home Staging is proven to achieve a higher sale price by an average of 5-10%.  For less than $1000 (partial staging) you could make that back tenfold.  So really, the investment you make when you engage Stage Me to stage your home, makes huge returns! It is worth every single cent. Plus you get the added bonus of the whole sale process being so much smoother and less stressful overall.

You will increase your chance for a Sale

When selling your home, the goal is to sell it fast and for the highest possible price. You can increase your chances for success if you stage your house before listing it. That’s the whole point of home staging in the first place — to present your home in the best possible light. If you do this, buyers will be more likely to make an offer.

It Gives the Impression of a Well-Maintained Home

When buyers are walking through your home for the first time, they are making observations on various levels. Obviously, they want to feel comfortable inside the home. They also want to make sure that it meets all of their needs from a structural standpoint (size, layout, number or rooms, etc.). But they’ll also be looking for clues that indicate the true condition of the home.

If you stage your house effectively, it will give buyers the impression of a well-maintained home. After all, basic repairs are the first step in any home-staging plan. You start by fixing what’s broken. This is the bare minimum. After that, you move on to the cosmetic touches like painting and decorating. The result is that the house seems like it’s in tip-top shape. This puts buyers’ minds at ease, which is exactly what you want.

You Get a Head Start on Packing

You have to pack up all of your belongings eventually, before you can move. So why not start now? In order to stage your house, you must remove any and all clutter from the premises. You also need to pack away your personal belongings so buyers can imagine themselves living in the house. By staging the home, you’re making your job easier when it comes time to move. You won’t have as much stuff to box up at the last minute.

It Helps You Justify the Asking Price

Home buyers today are savvy about property values. You can be sure that potential buyers will scrutinise your asking price like never before. If you stage your house before you try to sell it, you’ll have an easier time justifying the price.

Staging Makes the House Seem Larger

The art of home staging has a lot to do with space. You want to remove clutter and arrange furniture in a way that maximises usable space within the house. This gives the impression that the home is larger than it actually is.

As you stage your house, you should pay close attention to the “flow” of each room. People should never bump into a dresser when walking into the bedroom. They should never have to sidestep around an over-sized dining room table. Doors should be able to swing open completely, without hitting furniture or other obstacles. It’s hard to live in such a home, even if you’re used to it.

When you’re done staging, you may be surprised at how large your house seems all of a sudden. This is a common reaction among homeowners. And it’s a positive reaction among potential buyers. You never want buyers to feel like the home is cramped or crowded.

Staging Helps Buyers See Themselves In the House

As a vendor, your mission is to help buyers see themselves living in your home. You do this by “de-personalising” the house, and decorating in a way that appeals to the masses. You want buyers to see the house as a good fit for their family. You don’t want them to see your family living in it. If they see pictures of you everywhere, they’ll have a harder time making a personal connection to the home.

The same goes for taste-specific decorating choices. Unusual paint colours and exotic knickknacks are fine when you are living in the home. But when you’re trying to sell it, you need to neutralise the decor. When you stage your house, you’re essentially removing yourself so that others may insert themselves.

It Puts Your House above the Competition

As a seller, you have a lot of competition. You can bet that would-be home buyers have seen other properties before visiting yours, and that they’ll see more when they leave. What makes your property stand out from the rest?

When you get down to it, there are only two ways to distinguish your home. You can price it below the competition or make it seem like a nicer home. If you do neither of these things, your house will probably be on the market for a long time. Staging can make all the difference in the world, even if your home is priced the same as comparable properties that are for sale. You are giving the appearance of a better value. This is the key to selling anything.

Buyers Will Have a Favourable First Impression

You want buyers to be impressed with the property the moment they step inside. This is a critical moment that will determine their attitude for the rest of the visit. It’s hard to overcome a bad first impression.