1124C Wainui Road, Ohope

Thank you both, the photos look wonderful. We can see you’ve gone all out to show your talent.  Very grateful.

Jules and Ruud Leman – Home Owners


Jules & Ruud Leman own this amazing property tucked away in Ohope but have fallen in love with another property so they needed to act fast.  Jules found us online and called late one night thinking she would leave a message but I picked up and after a long chat I asked her to send photos.  This was a different type of job, she only needed furniture for their lounge area but mostly she needed help to style the house for market.  With two young boys and a thriving business it was time to bring in the professionals.

Our Task

We arrived with a van full of furniture and soft furnishings to get the house ready for market.  We were given a full reign to move and remove bits and pieces until we felt it looked perfect.  Once the stage was set, it was time for Matthew to weave his magic, to take photos that would show this gorgeous property off.

Skills Involved

Our skills with styling, staging and photography showed the property off to its full potential.  Matthew took his time in getting the right shots and worked long into the night in post production.  We were shattered by the end of it but what a fantastic result.

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