Seventeenth Ave., Tauranga

We are very happy with Sandra & Matthew staging our house. They are very professional & the choice of furnishings fit in perfectly. We are so impressed with the photography, we have recommended them to our friends.

Betty & Tom Private Home Owner


Tom & Betty Johnson have worked hard to modernize this property while maintaining the original character – they succeeded. Now on the market, this gorgeous house will make some lucky family very happy. Great work guys!

Our Task

Walking through the property with Betty, I noticed the very heavy and dark drapes covering a lot of the windows in the lounge/dining, my suggestion to use something light was taken to heart – the result is fantastic. With this property we wanted to keep it simple and let the house speak for itself. We selected furniture that really makes the energy flow. With Matthew’s photos, a flyer and sign – this house is ready for action!

Skills Involved

Complete home staging, a flash of interior design, photography, graphic design – Tom & Betty are now in the best position. Listed on Trade Me, they are ready to sell. It won’t be on the market long.

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